Ars Independent at IEM 2019

Once again, Intel Extreme Masters, one of the largest e-sports events, will visit Katowice. Between February and March, Katowice’s Spodek and International Congress Centre will host the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft II world championships. The World’s Smallest Cinema will await you there at the chillout zone on location, prepared by the City of Katowice.

Like in previous years, Ars Independent will visit IEM. This time, the event’s visitors will be able to check out the World’s Smallest Cinema: four square meters, two seats, one screen. What’s playing? 30-second long films about Katowice, which won the festival competition KTW 30[s] in 2017:

→ “Czekej jak Cię chyca” (Wait ‘Til I Getcha), dir. Nina Kirchner (distinction);
→ “Spacerem po Kato” (A Stroll Through Kato), dir. Tomasz Mańka (3rd place);
→ “KTW 30[s]”, dir. Hanna Haczek (2nd place);
→ “300 tysięcy historii” (300 000 Stories), dir. Kamil Krawiec (1st place).

The cinema will be open from February 22 to 24 and from March 1 to 3, from 11am to 8pm. The stand can be found at the City of Katowice’s chillout zone at the International Congress Centre.

Ars Independent Festival 2019 will take place in Katowice from September 24 to 29. Like every year, the program will feature a selection of gaming events, including: the international new games competition The Black Horse of Video Games and Polish indie games exposition The Video Game Night Market.

The festival is organized by the Katowice City of Gardens Cultural Institution and the City of Katowice.