#ArsIndependent 2014

Visual identification, poster, spot and catalogue of the 4th edition of Ars Independent Festival.

→ The Black Horse of Film: a Jury composed of Bruce LaBruce (Canada), Yann Gonzalez (Spain), Anna Nacher (Poland), awarded Anna and Wilhelm Sasnal for the film „Parasite” (Poland 2014);
→ The Black Horse of Animation: a Jury composed of Mariola Brillowska (Germany), Martin Kočiško (Slovakia), Agnieszka Kowalewska-Skowron (Poland), awarded Tomasz Popakul for the animation „Ziegenort” (Poland 2013).

Swiss style and minimalist pictogram of the Black Horse, together with other graphic elements (including monochrome color tone and geometric typography), was inspired on the one hand by tribal themes (wall and skin paintings, African masks), and on the other hand – refers to industrial aesthetics (industrial history of Katowice). The graphics are complemented by a spot assembled from the fragments of the festival films, to the rhythm of “Joy Valley” bt Stendek – a song which is the audio identification of Ars Independent.

Marta Gawin
Bartek Sołtysik
Kuba Swat

Marta Gawin

Tomasz Żak