#ArsIndependent 2018

Awards, visual identification, poster, spot and catalogue of the 8th edition of Ars Independent Festival.

Awards in all four festival competition was awarded by audience.
→ The Black Horse of Film: Iona Uricaru for „Lemonade” (Romania, Sweden, Canada, Germany 2018);
→ The Black Horse of Animation: Claudia Cortés Espejo, Lora D’Addazio and Mathilde Remy for „Narration” (Belgium 2018);
→ The Black Horse of Music Videos: Zuzanna Plisz for „Troskliwy” (Poland 2018) by the Drekoty;
→ The Black Horse of Video Games: 11 bit studios for „Frostpunk” (Poland 2018).

If you look into the Black Horse, the Black Horse looks back into you. Thus, we began with the Horse’s hypnotic eyes, releasing rhytmic forms in a variety of shapes and frequencies – together they layer into a moire effect. Kinda psychedelic, kinda opt artsy. The forms scramble, shimmer, stun. Just like the various media meeting and crossing over at the festival.

Bartek Sołtysik
Rafał Włodarek

Rafał Włodarek