#ArsIndependent 2019

Awards, visual identification, poster and spot of the 9th edition of Ars Independent Festival.

Awards in all four festival competition was awarded by audience.
→ The Black Horse of Film: Yann Gonzalez for „Knife + Heart” (France 2018);
→ The Black Horse of Animation: Weronika Szyma for „A Degvil and a Rascat” (Poland 2018);
→ The Black Horse of Music Videos: Ninian Doff for „We’ve got to try” (United Kingdom 2019) by The Chemical Brothers;
→ The Black Horse of Video Games: Hempuli Oy for „Baba is You” (Finland 2019).

Unsubscribe is a split in reality. It’s not just that the virtual bleeds into the real and vice versa – they are now mixed into one and they scrambled our brains. Unsubscribe is creating an unreal image on social media. It is information served to us through increasingly narrow channels, creating alternative facts, where fake, real and virtual are one. It’s decreased anonymity, amassing large quantities of private and sensitive data on every topic, on every activity. It is a posthumanist world sustained by electronics, enhanced with interfaces, soon also with AR/VR.

Bartek Sołtysik
Rafał Włodarek

Rafał Włodarek