POL 2016 7’
29.09 TH 16.30, 30.09 FR 15.00 @Katowice City of Gardens: room 211

DIRECTED BY: Katarzyna Kijek
SCREENPLAY BY: Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski, Ola Cieślak
PRODUCED BY: Studio Munka – SFP

Katarzyna Kijek’s “Debut” can be approached as an auto-ironic comedy about the woes of creativity, but for everyone who has ever tried creative writing, this is a real horror. The incessantly blinking cursor, the empty page in the text editor. The banality, triteness and boredom echoing out of every sentence. The only savior lies in the “delete” key, but using it leads maliciously back to the starting line. Using the appropriate imagery, the director enters the mind of her protagonist – a screenwriter whose struggle to resist the various temptations and create something worthwhile seems alternately pathetic and heroic. When everything else fails, there is one final solution – write about one’s own process of writing.

Katarzyna Kijek

Director, animator, Graphics Department graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her works were showcased and received accolades at many Polish and foreign festivals, including Żubroffka, Shortwaves, Animadrid, Annecy and Scratch!

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