Her Story

UK 2015


A game about a woman talking to the police. This description is so laconic not only to maintain the mysteries of Sam Barlow’s work. Another reason is the clarity of the game’s mechanics. Our goal is to simply learn the story, searching through the police database and watching footage from interrogations. How much players will learn and understand of it is up to the them and the quality of their detective work. Additionally, “Her Story” lives by the performance of Viva Seifert, one half of the duo Joe Gideon & the Shark. Thanks to her, the criminal intrigue and brilliant design make a powerful impression.

Sam Barlow

British industry veteran. He debuted in 1999 with the text game “Aisle”, which won the XYZZY award for best use of medium. He was also the writer and designer of the cult classic “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories”.

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