How Are Games Made? Game On!

If you would like to learn more about the process of making video games; see and listen to students designing for the industry, live; or perhaps are searching for someone to work with – Game On is for you!

Game On is a new format at Ars Independent, accompanying the third Video Game Night Market. Until now, the Night Market provided a platform for video game players and authors to meet. This year – through Game On – it will also create space for students working in fields such as animation, 2D and 3D graphics, concept art, level design, game music and audio, prototyping, or others connected to video games. Game On is an open stage where young multimedia artists can present their work to the festival audience.

The event will take place on Friday, September 27 at 8 pm in Katowice Miasto Ogrodów.

Who will we see? With what project?

StoryboARder (in production), Magdalena Mojsiejuk
A BA project, aiming to research storyboard production for video games and combine the process with Augmented Reality technology. The Unity engine with the Vuforia plugin was utilized for this purpose.

Depresja. Personalizacja zaburzenia psychicznego w modelu 3D (2019), Magdalena Błaszczyk
The project’s goal was to independently create a 3D model as one’s authorial personification of depression. This allowed the artist to experience her personal catharsis. The character was designed after research among people affected by this disorder.

Sonata Księżycowa (2018), Wiesława Ruta
Moonlight Sonata is a Flash game created as a semester project for Multimedia class at year two of New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. The title was inspired by the game “Gorogoa.” The game is accompanied by a short animation of the same title (in itself a semester project for 2D Animation class).

Doomed Molecular Waste (2018), Dominika Wollman
Doomed Molecular Waste is a music video for a track by Bartosz Zaskórski aka Mchy i porosty. The clip shows the author’s emotions and moods as a landscape which the camera follows, creating a chronological record of the journey. The work was mostly done in Unreal Engine, where the level was built and the shots were filmed to later be edited with Adobe Premiere. The music video was a BA diploma in 2018.

Light Away (2019), Mateusz Dudek
LightAway is a game aimed at mobile devices, tackling the original mechanic of defending the player character from light by building walls. The game posits arcade and logic challenges to the player.

Fallout Miami (w produkcji), Oliwia Białek
Fallout Miami is a mod for “Fallout 4”, made non-profit by an international team of the series’ fans. We will see concept art, among others, and listen about the experience of working on concepts in collaboration with writers, 3D artists and animators.

Ars Fabulae (w produkcji), Punk Notion
A game taking place in an abandoned theatre. Its founder – the dead Narrator – placed theatrical masks around, which transport to the universe of Plays. Every Play presents a different world and utilizes different gameplay mechanics invoking the imagery of different emotions which ravaged the Narrator in the past. The game utilizes 3D art painted via VR.

The event is organized by the cultural institution Katowice City of Gardens and the City of Katowice.