Jarman: Jubilee

GBR 1978 100’
28.09 TH 6.00 PM @Kino Kosmos

DIRECTED BY: Derek Jarman
PRODUCED BY: Howard Malin, James Whaley

Pure anarchy on the screen. Queen Elisabeth I finds herself in London, in the late ‘70s of the 20th century. The empress would like to see the future of her kingdom. She finds anger, wrath and dirt. The old, collapsing order within remnants of the British empire is toppled with a shout by the punk revolution. Elisabeth II is dead, Buckingham Palace is a record company and Westminster Abbey hosts a kickin’ disco. Jarman’s cult film is an artistic expression of the authors contemporary reality – one of smothering doubt and discontent.

After the film, there will be a meeting with Paweł Świerczek and Jakub Majmurek about the book “Chroma. Book of Color”. The event is organized by the Silesia Film Institute.


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