Media and Industry Accreditations

You want to write, record or film something cool about Ars Independent? Or maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to work with us? Until September 17, we accept requests for media and audio-visual industry accreditations.

Last year’s Ars Independent was visited by 163 representatives of media and industry. In September 2018, not counting social media, you have published 153 press notes about us – their Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) was 335 000 PLN, while their reach: more than 23 million people. (Data from Press Service report).

If you wish to join this group and receive a media or industry accreditation: you have to fill out the request form available below until September 17. We will inform you about granting the accreditation via e-mail on September 18 at the latest.

Ars Independent 2019 accreditations are free of charge and grant access to all events, as well as to photo, audio and video registration within festival spaces.

Media Accreditations are reserved for members of the media – including bloggers, authors of podcasts, YouTube channels and others – devoted to film, animation, video games, music video, music, new media or widely understood audio-visual culture.

Industry Accreditations are reserved for members of the film, animation, video game, music video, music, new media or culture industries (producers, distributors, publishers, sales agents, festival organizers and others).

In case of a publication about the festival, we ask you to tag and hashtag Ars Independent. We will be extremely grateful for sending us links to the published materials via e-mail or social media – this way we will be able to share the content in our communication channels.

Media Spokesperson and Communications Chief
Bartek Sołtysik
+48 607 884 535

The event is organized by the cultural institution Katowice City of Gardens and the City of Katowice.