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From September 26 to October 1, Katowice will be the scene of our hunt for new works of film, animation, video games and music videos. 2017 marks the seventh edition of the festival, one which aims for an even more hardcore confrontation between the various audiovisual media as well as debuts and classics. It’s time to learn about new events at Ars Independent 2017!

Festival passes at the discounted price of 60 zł are available at and the Bilety24 network. The full programme and schedule will be revealed on August 29 – tickets go on sale at the regular price of 80 zł on the same day.

What do we know about the programme of Ars Independent 2017?


Keeping with tradition, the Black Horse of Film competition will feature 6 feature films competing for the title and statue of the Black Horse and 500 euros. Just like last year, the prizes in this and the remaining competitions will be awarded by the festival audience.

Another big event will be screenings of works by one of the fathers of the Polish film school, Jerzy Kawalerowicz – it will take place on the round anniversary of his birth and death. We await screenings (accompanied by lectures) of: “Night Train” (1959), “Mother Joan of the Angels” (1961) and “Death of a President” (1977).

City of Music, the section of music films and documentaries returns this year with: “The Internal Ear” (2016), “Liberation Day” (2106) and “Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World” (2017).


Just like in previous years, the Black Horse of Animation pitches 30 short animations against each other, chosen from more than 1700 submissions from all over the world. As always, the 3 sets will feature a kaleidoscope of techniques, genres and styles.

Retro Japan will introduce audiences to then revolutionary and now classic anime, including “Akira” (1988).
In cooperation with the Royal College of Art, we will take a look at young British animation. The London-based school is one of the most fertile spots on the European map of rising talent.


The Black Horse of Video Games will present 6 new games in an open exhibition – a microcosm of current trends in interactive entertainment.

The Worst Games in the World is an exhibition of what is legendarily unplayable – games that should never have graced a TV screen, that scare mice and pads away.

On the night from September 29 to September 30 we’ll visit the Video Game Night Market – a showcase of Polish indie games. Stands with the latest games, many often still in production will fill out the space at Katowice City of Gardens.

Our meetings with games will be capped off by the latest adventure games from Katowice’s Artifex Mundi.


The second edition of the Black Horse of Music Videos is a selection of 30 music videos, together moving the borders of the medium in every possible direction.

The festival will feature additional sets. Choke&Blind is a review of music videos of the shock aesthetic. Obligatory Odysseys will meet short films and the music video formula. Animated Music Videos will take us on a pleasant journey through animation, music and short film forms. Capping off with 360 Music Videos – the next step in our observations on the latest VR trends.

„Ars Independent. Just roll with it,” comments Bartek Sołtysik, the festival’s media spokesperson.