Paweł Dębski: animation set


This year’s Black Horse of Animation  jury member, Paweł Dębski, has previously won the competition at the second Ars Independent with his film “Lumberjack”. The artist prepared a set of animations which includes films he directed, animated and co-produced. The juror will talk about the various stages of making animation and will explain the difference between directing a film based on an authorial script and animating a prepared visual material. Among the screened films, there will be his school films – “Hair Nightmare” and “Different Story” – “Hippos”, his cooperation on with Piotr Dumała (retrospective at the AIF 2013), as well as those known from competition screenings: “The Mystery of the Malakka Mountain” and “The Constructor”. The screening and commentary is an event we would like to invite to not only cinephiles, but also everyone who is interested in the process of making films.

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