Plug & Play

SUI 2015

DEVELOPED BY: Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach
PUBLISHED BY: Etter Studio

Everyone needs love and everyone searches for it, even walking plugs and outlets. “Plug & Play” is an interactive expansion of Michael Frei’s animation of the same name (which received accolades at festivals such as Anifilm, Animage, Animateka and Fantoche). Even though the game – targeted at mobile devices – can be be finished in about fifteen minutes, it manages to tell more and leave a larger impact than many big budget epics. Especially when it decides to forgo its charming absurdity to become deathly serious and painful.

Michael Frei & Mario Von Rickenbach

A duo from Switzerland. Michael Frei is an animator and student of the University of Lucerne and the Estonian Academy of Arts. He debuted in 2012 with the animation “Not About Us”, screened at such festivals as the Kraków Film Festival. Mario von Rickenbach is an indie game developer from Zurich. His portfolio includes the IGF 2014 nominee “Drei”.

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