A Music Video Cocktail with a Twist

The Black Horse of Music Video lies in slumber among the thirty titles we painstakingly selected for you. I don’t envy your upcoming task to choose the winner, though – we’ve had enough problems ourselves. This year, submissions came from many destinations and were characterized by the variety of styles, reflected in the nominated clips. The insane music video gonzo moves like a sine wave, interlaced with a note of introspection. Try to look at these videos as if they were Cubist paintings. The authors of these works look at the world from many perspectives, they don’t fear experiments. Often, they deftly and bravely combine various cinematographic techniques. We wanted to honour their courage and nominate clips that will surprise you. Music videos with, well, twists.

2D animation blends with film shots. Various works of CGI. Often, atonal and weird music videos. Even if some flirt with the mainstream, they still manage to surprise with an avant-garde idea. There’s a saying that in today’s world, attention is the new global currency. I deeply believe that our fight to show the most important and bravest clips has meaning. I truly hope that you’ll enjoy the taste of this experimental music video cocktail with a twist we’ve prepared for you!