Black Horse Of Animation 3/3

competition set of animations
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Winter Bird

POL 2019 6’
DIRECTED BY: Paulina Kozieł
SCREENPLAY BY: Paulina Kozieł
PRODUCTION BY: Paulina Kozieł
A loose interpretation of the lyrics to Aurora Aksnes’ “Winter Bird” tells about trying to get over grief and fill in the void left by a departed loved one. The protagonist, Franek, finds solace in dreams where he meets his beloved Amelia.
Matylda Badera
Paulina Kozieł
A beginner animator, proud owner of the cat Pafnucy and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.


ISR 2018 6’
DIRECTED BY: Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen
SCREENPLAY BY: Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen
PRODUCTION BY: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
A dog was trained to behave like a human and can’t realize his instincts. He gets punished for every inkling of his nature. Will his behavior change, when a horde of wild dogs arrives near his house?
Patrycja Lisnikowska
Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen
Graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. “Hounds” is their thesis work.

Single Room Apartment

POL 2019 6’
PRODUCTION BY: Agata Golanska
All alone, a lonely finger lingers in loneliness. The everyday routine is an increasing drag and the claustrophobic space begins to get under his nail. Everything changes when the protagonist discovers his fate.
Patryk Sławicki
Anna Chwal
An animation student at the Photography and Television Production Department of the Łódź Film School.

You are overreacting

POL 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Karina Paciorkowska
SCREENPLAY BY: Karina Paciorkowska
PRODUCTION BY: Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi
“Feminazis”, “witches”, “whores asking to be raped” - these are keywords spat out by media. The artist paints the media portrait of a contemporary woman and her role in society. To make the animation, she used lines actually spoken by public figures - and it hurts just to listen.
Matylda Badera
Karina Paciorkowska
A student of the Łódź Film School from Warsaw, her films are screened at Polish and foreign festivals.

No Gravity

Sans Gravité
FRA 2018 8’
DIRECTED BY: Charline Parisot, Jérémy Cissé, Fioretta Caterina Cosmidis, Flore Allier-Estrada, Maud Lemaître-Blanchart, Ludovic Abraham
SCREENPLAY BY: Charline Parisot
PRODUCTION BY: Philippe Meis
An astronaut gets back from space and it’s not a cakewalk, when thoughts and memories still drift in the zero gravity zone. This charming and amusing animation takes us through attempts at getting used to Earth again.
Patrycja Lisnikowska
Charline Parisot, Jérémy Cissé, Fioretta Caterina Cosmidis, Flore Allier-Estrada, Maud Lemaître-Blanchart, Ludovic Abraham
Graduates of the Supinfocom Rubika School in Valenciennes, France. The animated short “No Gravity” is the result of their cooperation.

West Question East Answer

GBR 2018 7'
Grandma is an intensely distrustful and cautious person. Nothing escapes her attention, no secret leaves her. One day, her granddaughter visits and asks for some stories from the past. Two cultures and two generations result in a communicative chaos.
Magdalena Pasternak
Dal Park
A London-based German illustrator, director and animator.

The Unusual Bath of Mister Otmar

Neobična kupka gospodina Otmara
HRV 2019 15’
PRODUCTION BY: Filip Gasparovic Melis
Mister Otmar is sentenced to a psychiatric ward, since he’s dangerous to groupthink. The animation was inspired by a story from the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, where patients write scripts themselves.
Patrycja Lisnikowska
Niko Radas
A Croatian sculptor, working as an art therapist at the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče.

Cannibal Cat

USA 2019 5’
DIRECTED BY: Andrew Martin
SCREENPLAY BY: Andrew Martin
PRODUCTION BY: Jefferson Elliott
It begins like “Fargo” - with a disclaimer that the story is based on true events. After surviving a family tragedy, Cannibal Cat needs to reclaim his place in society. The story, created by the young author, has a very unique character. I’m impatiently waiting for more.

Gabriela Palicka
Andrew Martin
A 11-year-old young author from Austin, Texas. He likes to draw and make videos.

5 Reasons Why I Don't Trust Jellyfish

GER 2019 2'
DIRECTED BY: Shenja Tatschke
SCREENPLAY BY: Shenja Tatschke
PRODUCTION BY: Shenja Tatschke
Medusas are disgusting and they suck. They look unnaturally, they sting, they can provoke awkward situations regarding fluid exchange. They ruin the landscape at beaches and they screw with romantic strolls near the shore. They’re the worst. Oh, we have an animation, too.
Jacek Wandzel
Shenja Tatschke
A German graphic artist, animator and freelancer. She works and studies in Berlin, her family city, at the HTW.

The Flood Is Coming

GBR/CHE 2018 9’
DIRECTED BY: Gabriel Böhmer
SCREENPLAY BY: Gabriel Böhmer
The flood is coming. The coming danger lingers in the air. But what if your left eye is interrupting your preparations for the elements? A disturbing animations asking tough questions about our approach to nature. We can’t even blink on that.
Gaba Palicka
Gabriel Böhmer
London based artist from Zürich, interested in memory and the absurd. He left a career in management consulting to write and create.


USA 2018 7’
DIRECTED BY: Erica Moriconi
SCREENPLAY BY: Erica Moriconi
PRODUCTION BY: Erica Moriconi
Four people fight the everpresent decay and lingering omen, trying to find their place in a collapsing apartment. Plague, implosion, autodestruction - the end is nigh.
Patryk Sławicki
Erica Moriconi
An animator and painter. She loves character animation and searching for stories hidden in everything around us.