Everything Is Going To Be Ok

USA 2017 DEVELOPED BY:   Nathalie Lawhead aka alienmelon PUBLISHED BY:   Nathalie Lawhead aka alienmelon
25.09 12.00 - 30.09 22.00 Katowice Miasto Ogrodów: galeria 5 FREE ENTRY

A pixelated collage of sharp graphics and a soft voice, ground with some shallow coaching. Manic-depressive metagame puzzles about life and getting over traumas. A border-crossing, absurd, nihilistic, expressive project, filtered through simulations of old OSs and input/output interfaces. Just try to free the spirit tormented by the amount of narration, trapped in a .txt file. And remember: “When we die, our souls get trapped in a torrent file that nobody ever downloads.”

Nathalie Lawhead aka alienmelon

Since the late ‘90s, she creates experimental art online, mixing various disciplines and styles.