Katana Zero

USA / JAP 2019 PUBLISHED BY:   Askiisoft DEVELOPED BY:   Devolver Digital
25.09 16.00 - 28.09 22.00 KMO: galeria 5 FREE ENTRY

Click to start planning… Kinda-turn-based-but-action-slasher, contrasting colors, captivating soundtrack… No, that won’t work. Click to start planning… Pixel art, retro video tapes, a very good soundtrack, a slasher with a great and deep narrative. Flashbacks through CCTV… I forgot. Right, memory loss, yes. Give me my medication! Let’s slow time, where’s my identity? Yes, it should work now.


An artistic collective behind such games as “Tower of Heaven” and “Pause Ahead”. Apart from their own experience, they eagerly dive into the players’ unexplored social lore.