ROU / SWE / CAN / DEU 2018 88' DIRECTED BY:   Ioana Uricaru SCREENPLAY BY:   Ioana Uricaru, Tatiana Ionascu PRODUCED BY:   Cristian Mungiu, Yanick Letourneau, Eika Goreczka, Christoph Kukula, Sean Wheelan, Anthony Muir
28.09 FRI 20.30 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET
29.09 SAT 14.30 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET

The film tells the story of Mara – a Romanian immigrant, who tries to fulfill her American Dream. Initially, everything seems to be going just fine. But when the woman applies for a residence permit, a twist of fate forces her to gamble her love for her husband, her child and most importantly – for herself.

Ioana Uricaru

A director and screenwriter from Romania. Author of short films and documentaries.