Pink Wall

GBR 2019 85' DIRECTED BY:   Tom Cullen SCREENPLAY:   Tom Cullen PRODUCED BY:   Jamie Adams, Maggie Monteith, Richard Elis
28.09 SAT 19.00 Kino Światowid BUY TICKET

Six scenes. Six years. Six moments, which shaped Jenny and Leon’s relationship and brought it to an end. Tom Cullen made a film within the cinematic poetics of Eric Rohmer and Richard Linklater, based in long conversations of two close people. And while there is a lingering belief that every relationship eventually ends, the director consistently asks the question: in this particular case, was there a chance to save something built over years? “Pink Wall” is a painful and very real study of the ruination of interpersonal bonds.

Trigger warning! Work or event contains content that may be distressing to some people.

Tom Cullen

A British actor known from the films “Weekend” and the TV Series “Knightfall”. “Pink Wall” is his directorial debut.