Soundscape: Mirror + Festival Closing

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70' PERFORMED BY:   Krzysztof ‘Freeze‘ Ostrowski (audio), Tomasz ‘Skof’ Roszczybiuk (video)
29.09 SUN 20.00 Pałac Młodzieży BUY TICKET

Soundscape: Mirror, an audio-visual project in production for seven years, focuses on the cooperation between sound and image. The Ostrowski/Roszczybiuk duo guarantees that the time spent with them can transport you to the other side of the looking glass, straight to a world created by human minds and microchips. They have self-released albums, as well as their latest, “49 kilometers to the east”, issued by Przesada – Trzy Szóstki’s sublabel.

Trigger warning! Work or event contains content that may be distressing to some people.