set of stop motion short animated films
72' DIRECTED BY:   Simon Scheiber, Chel White, Carolina Markowicz, Liesbeth Eeckman, Marc Riba, Anna Solanas
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Stop motion animation – an art somewhat neglected by the mainstream – still has a devoted following among audiences and authors. This set of films will let us experience the wide range and unique character of today’s use of the technique, especially in the adult-oriented pieces. The characters in these shorts are presented with the unexpected – we want to do the same to our audience. We want to rediscover stop motion animation.

Tatuapé Mahal Tower

Edifício Tatuapé Mahal
BRA 2014 10'
DIRECTED BY: Carolina Markowicz, Fernanda Salloum
SCREENPLAY BY: Carolina Markowicz
PRODUCED BY: Mariana Ricciardi, Julia Bogochvol, Fulano Filmes
The story of Javier Juarez Garcia - an architectural figure who after a personal drama decides to drastically change his way of life and embark on a journey. However, he can’t cut himself away from what he left in São Paulo.
Gaba Palicka


ESP 2013 17'
DIRECTED BY: Anna Solanas, Marc Riba
SCREENPLAY BY: Marc Riba, Anna Solanas
PRODUCED BY: I+G Stop Motion
Canis is a dark story about a boy living in a house in the middle of nowhere, having to confront reality dominated by wild dogs. The film’s unsettling tone and atmosphere bring thoughts of David Lynch.
Gaba Palicka

The Lighthouse

NLD/AUT 2015 11’
DIRECTED BY: Simon Scheiber
SCREENPLAY BY: Simon Scheiber
A banal event leads a lighthouse keeper to a surprising discovery, one that will break him out of the rut of his existence and change the surrounding reality. This black-and-white film, made over the course of seven years is a peculiar extolment of creativity.
Gaba Palicka


USA 2004 6'
The story of a man remembering love from his youth, played out in the world of circus, neons and wooden figurines. A moving portrayal of the value of an authentic experience and the destructive influence of attempts to monetize it.
Gaba Palicka


DEU 2017 10’
REŻYSERIA: Jonatan Schwenk
SCENARIUSZ: Jonatan Schwenk
PRODUKCJA: Jonatan Schwenk
When the water calms down after the flood, fish become stuck on tree branches. The sounds they make become increasingly irritating to the inhabitants by the day. The animation combines elements of stop motion with CGI.
Gaba Palicka

Kitten Instinct

BEL 2016 17'
DIRECTED BY: Liesbeth Eeckman
SCREENPLAY BY: Joel Rabijns, Liesbeth Eeckman
PRODUCED BY: Liesbeth Eeckman
Dreams of a small kitty change a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex’s attitudes towards life and his environment - a speculative study of chance. A humorous, visually rich animation, deftly combining stop motion with hand-drawn images and elements of 3D.
Gaba Palicka

The Burden

Min börda
SWE 2017 14’
DIRECTED BY: Niki Lindroth von Bahr
SCREENPLAY BY: Niki Lindroth von Bahr
PRODUCED BY: Kalle Wettre, Malade AB
SOUND AND MUSIC BY: Hans Appelqvist
LYRICS BY: Martin Luuk
A musical about the precariat - their struggles with the boredom of work and existential dramas. Contemporary themes and masterful execution make the animation resonate within the viewer long after the screening.
Gaba Palicka