The Black Horse of Animation 3/3

competition set of animations
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DNK 2018 6'
DIRECTED BY: Jérémie Becquer
SCREENPLAY BY: Jérémie Becquer
PRODUCED BY: The Animation Workshop
A brutal allegory of the realities of today’s world. A world, where immigration enforced by the political situation turns you into an Alien - someone who can be belittled, who ceases to be human.
Matylda Badera
Jérémie Becquer
Born in 1991, an animator from Luxemburg. He worked with Cartoon Saloon, Ankama and Spa Studio.

Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat
EST / KOR 2018 6'
DIRECTED BY: Jung Hyun Kim
PRODUCED BY: Jung Hyun Kim
A story drawn with childlike simplicity introduces us to a boy’s not-so-easy dilemmas. When he discovers his mother’s secret, nothing is the same anymore. The child must face this new situation.
Barbara Adamus
Jung Hyun Kim
A multimedia artist from South Korea, she works with expressive colors and textures.

Once in the Fields of Boredom

Ükskord igavuse väljadel
EST 2017 5'
DIRECTED BY: Teele Strauss
SCREENPLAY BY: Teele Strauss
PRODUCED BY: Teele Strauss
The routine which sneaks into most relationships isn’t alien to the pair of protagonists. After his partner disappears, the man throws himself into the pursuit - we follow the characters projected on wooden walls and trees.
Matylda Badera
Teele Strauss
Teele Strauss is an illustrator, animator and artist from Tallin. Since graduating, she has been working as a freelancer.

The Lilies

POL 2018 4'
Polish romanticism confronted with contemporary animation. To the rhythm of Adam Mickiewicz’s “The Lilies”, we follow a love triangle between two brothers and a spouse killer. And the lilies? “(...) grow as high as my husband deep doth lie.”
Matylda Badera
Hanna Oloś
A Polish illustrator and graphic designer. She combines traditional techniques with digital ones in her works.


POL 2018 11'
DIRECTED BY: Marcin Podolec
SCREENPLAY BY: Marcin Podolec
PRODUCED BY: Marcin Podolec, Wiktoria Podolec
Addiction ain’t no joke. Marcin talks about his difficult, sweet-and-savory relationship with Coke. An honest, but deeply funny film, giving us a new look at an old topic, and the animation itself simply dazzles.
Barbara Adamus
Marcin Podolec
A Polish illustrator, cartoonist, author of animated films and founder of Yellow Tapir Films.


Quand j'ai remplacé Camille
FRA 2017 7'
DIRECTED BY: Rémy Clarke, Leïla Courtillon, Nathan Otaño
SCREENPLAY BY: Rémy Clarke, Leïla Courtillon, Nathan Otaño
PRODUCED BY: Rémy Clarke, Leïla Courtillon, Nathan Otaño
The heroine is substituting for a swimming team’s departed member. As the decisive race comes closer, her stress and the pressure from her peers mounts. This beautiful animation tackles an important, rarely explored topic.
Gaba Palicka


EST 2017 4'
DIRECTED BY: Äggie Pak Yee Lee
SCREENPLAY BY: Äggie Pak Yee Lee
PRODUCED BY: Äggie Pak Yee Lee
School trips to the museum usually spell boredom, but here the exhibits have much more potential than anticipated. A child’s imagination helps discover the secret lives of paintings.
Barbara Adamus
BA in Hong Kong, MA in Estonia; she is now stretching herself to find the best playground to play seriously.

Rat Splat

Rat Splat
AUS 2017 2'
DIRECTED BY: Oscar Nimmo, Tayla Colley
SCREENPLAY BY: Oscar Nimmo, Tayla Colley
PRODUCED BY: Oscar Nimmo, Tayla Colley
A dishwasher faces a dilemma, looking into the eyes of a dying rat he has to expunge from the kitchen. Short and.. sweet?
Gaba Palicka
Oscar Nimmo, Tayla Colley
Two animation students from Australia. Just that.

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra
USA 2017 7'
DIRECTED BY: Angela Stempel
SCREENPLAY BY: Angela Stempel
PRODUCED BY: Angela Stempel
90% of Mae’s life consists of monthly horoscopes, quizzes to help find a partner, and life-enhancing crystals. Blinded by crystaline power, she embarks on a journey in search of love.
Matylda Badera
Angela Stempel
A Venezuelan-American artist, after graduating in Experimental Animation she lives and works in LA.

Mermaids and Rhinos

Sellők és Rinocéroszok
HUN 2017 16'
DIRECTED BY: Viktória Traub
SCREENPLAY BY: Polett Dus, Dorka Gergely, Viktória Traub
A surreal world through the eyes of a small girl. Memories flow into the present, while characters perfectly morph into strange forms. The cartoonish world freakishly resembles reality.
Agata Leżuch