The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories

JAP 2018 PUBLISHED BY:   White Owls Inc. DEVELOPED BY:   Arc System Works
25.09 16.00 - 28.09 22.00 KMO: galeria 5 FREE ENTRY

An emotionally massive tale about the search for a missing friend, through a mysterious, puzzle and trap-riddled island. You are constantly hurt: losing limbs on chainsaw blades to gain weights, rolling as a headless corpse to go further, maybe find some sense. Here, self-harm contextualizes the ethical questions of happiness, pleasure and identity in the contemporary world. It’s worth to literally roll your head through this dark story into plot twists and the very finale.

Trigger warning! Work or event contains content that may be distressing to some people.

White Owls Inc.

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