The Snow Queen and Maksimowicz / Gotesman live act

Снежная королева Maksimowicz / Gotesman Live Act
ZSSR 1957 64’ DIRECTED BY:   Lew Atamanow, Nikołaj Fiodorow SCREENPLAY BY:   Lew Atamanow, Nikołaj Erdman, Gieorgij Grebner PRODUCED BY:   Sojuzmultfilm
29.09 SAT 20.30 Pałac Młodzieży BUY TICKET

A Soviet animation adapting Hans Christian Andersen’s fable, which received wide acclaim on both sides of the Iron Curtain. It supposedly was an important inspiration to Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of Studio Ghibli. This year’s audience will have the unique opportunity to watch this animated classic accompanied with live music, performed and composed specifically for this occasion by two talented Lithuanian jazz musicians – Jan Maksimowicz and Arkady Gotesman.

Jan Maksimowicz and Arkady Gotesman

Lithuanian jazz musicians and composers. Jan is a saxophonist, in his projects musician also employs electronics and likes experimenting with musicians of younger generation. Arkady is a jazz percussionist, who performs music for theatre, writes scenarios for musical performances and installations as well.