Video Game Night Market

latest video games expo and interactive media showcase
27.09 FRI 17.00 KMO: hol FREE ENTRY

For the third time, we have the pleasure to invite you to the Video Game Night Market: a expo for the latest video games and interactive media showcase. Year by year, the event is growing and this year will also feature something new. The VGNM is a great opportunity to meet with young creators, test fledgling productions and gain insight into creative processes.

We know all of the studies and exhibitors that will be at the Night Video Game Market:

“Fantastic Fetus”, Fantastic Humans
“Zniw Adventures”, Azure Mountain
“Shattered Plane”, Eremite Games
“Australia is a Lie!”, Pigmentum Game Studio
“High C”, Piotr Goj
“Music For Sleeping”, Piotr Goj
“Pigeon Breaking Point”, Little Bit Academy
“Księga Smogu”, Little Bit Academy
“Ars Fabulae”, Punk Notion
Museum of the History of Computers and Information Technology
Keywords Studios

+ instalation “Unsubscribe”, Artur Stec