The Black Horse gives the creeps in Katowice

This year at Ars Independent, we will surprise you with a multimedia section devoted to contemporary horror. From September 27 to October 2 we will watch, play and listen to what is feared around the world lately.

Contemporary horror does not need to be associated with cinematic skeletons in closets. In Katowice, we will play games which inquire about the limits of human fear; we will also watch sets of animations and music videos, which aim to showcase new faces of horror, worthy of our 21st century fears. Among other titles, we will see „Symphony no. 42” – 47 observations on the irrational connections between man and nature, presented in competitions at such festivals as Berlinale and Sundance.

“Authors of music videos often use horror tropes not to scare, but to awaken anxieties. If there’s a monster in one, it’s a symbol of alienation, not evil,” comments Paweł Świerczek, live and video music scene curator at Ars Independent.

“Horror animations often represent tired gore or Burtonesque stylizations. We’re searching for that which abandons traditional aesthetics known from cinema and surprises with the plasticity of animated language,” adds Natalia Kaniak, animation curator.

“Horror is treated dismissively, not unlike games, which brings the two together. Interactive fear doesn’t just focus on psychopatic murderers killing teenagers in dumb ways; it’s a poligon for some of the most exciting experiments in interactive entertainment,” finishes Jacek Wandzel, video game curator.

It is worth mentioning that the call for entries in the film, animation, video game and music video competitions ends on May 31. More information to be found on Call for Black Horses subpage.