The Black Horse of Music Videos 1/2

new music videos competition, 66`
28.09 TH 10.30 PM + 29.09 FR 6.30 PM @Drzwi Zwane Koniem

 Coolverine / GBR 2017 6’ / DIRECTED BY: Hand Held Cine Club / PERFORMED BY: Mogwai

Coolverine, GBR 2017 6’

Coolverine, GBR 2017 6’

Coolverine, GBR 2017 6’

Coolverine, GBR 2017 6’

Coolverine, GBR 2017 6’

Coolverine, GBR 2017 6’

Slow, tarry shots correspond perfectly with the music. The video gains power with every accord, while its characters begin to break the laws of gravity, in a world from post-apo films and Marvel comics.

Maciej Gryzełko

Hand Held Cine Club
Film duo from England formed by two brothers: Justin and James Lockey. They also share love for music and play together in the band Minor Victories.

 I Promise / GBR 2017 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Michał Marczak / PERFORMED BY: Radiohead

Lamp lights illuminate the metropolis. A night bus is travelling through it. This would probably be another look at the realities of the night if not for the fact that our point of view belongs to an android laying next to the windshield.

Sławomir Kruk

Michał Marczak
He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and the Wajda School. Director of documentaries and short films, winner of the Best Director award at Sundance for “All These Sleepless Nights”.

 Duit / POL 2017 4′ / DIRECTED BY: Krzysztof Grajper / PERFORMED BY: All The People feat. Jesse Boykins III

“Duit’s” most important and exciting moment is the awakening of its enigmatic character. Using deep black (too bad it’s just special effects) on its protagonist gives the feeling that she’s a living pantomime, removed from our world. A strongly emotional dance is the answer to the song’s lyrics.

Piotr Gacek

Krzysztof Grajper
Acclaimed director of music videos and commercials. He collaborated with Low Roar, Domowe melodie and the rapper Otsochodi.

 Carbon 7 / DEU 2017 5’ / DIRECTED BY: Joji Koyama / PERFORMED BY: Jlin

Joji Koyama feels the temperature of Jlin’s composition, focusing on the spectacular choreography playing out in an ascetic space. Using minimal formal devices, he allows us to marvel at the beauty and masterful movements of Corey Scott-Gilbert.

Natalia Kaniak

Joji Koyama
Animator and filmmaker based in Tokyo. He worked for Four Tet, Mogwai and Coldcut. This year, he debuted at Slamdance with his feature film “Kuro”.

 No Reason / UK 2017 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Oscar Hudson / PERFORMED BY: Bonobo feat. Nick Murphy

This song is a RIDE – literally and figuratively! It’s one of those works of film you just watch with your mouth wide open, asking yourself: how the hell did they do this??? Let me clue you in on a secret. There are absolutely no computer generated effects in this video.

Maciej Gryzełko

Oscar Hudson
London-based director of music videos, short films and documentaries. In 2016, he received an award for the Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards.

 Growing Young / POL 2016 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Katarzyna Sawicka / PERFORMED BY: Oly.

When growing up together, two adolescent girls were connected by dress ups, holiday preparations, family dinners, first kisses. After some years, it’s time to say goodbye. The story charms with its sincerity and authenticity.

Patryk Chromik

Katarzyna Sawicka
A Varsovian, she graduated in editing from the Łódź Film School. She worked on etudes, music videos, commercials and documentaries. She a part of the film duo RO/SA.

 Augustine / USA 2016 5’ / DIRECTED BY: Devonté Hynese / PERFORMED BY: Blood Orange

A passionate portrait of Dev Hynes’ everyday artistic reality teaches us that you can vogue everywhere if you only want it. In your room, on the roof, at the park and at the table. It doesn’t matter if you’re “not black or queer enough”.

Natalia Kaniak

Devonté Hynes
Also known as Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange. Music producer, singer and chillwave artist.

 Wings of Love / SE 2016 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Lykke Li / PERFORMED BY: Liv

A fantastic, loose narrative focused on trips to nature. Nudity and wilderness are served in the style of the cinema of ‘60s and ‘70s. Lykke Li called this music video “an ode to Summer”.

Maciej Gryzełko

Lykke Li
A Swedish indie rock vocalist. Liv is her new music project which was formed last year. The video for “Wings of Love” is her directorial debut.

 Blood On Me / USA 2016 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Alex Lill / PERFORMED BY: Sampha

An intriguing video in which a race track, greyhounds and a car sticking on a treetop are just the beginning of a phenomenal puzzle. It’s also one of few music videos in this year’s competition which feature a singing vocalist.

Maciej Gryzełko

Alex Lill
Music video director born and based in Los Angeles. His films feature unique staging and a subversive, recognizable style.

 Special Moment / USA 2017 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Alec Basse, Max Moore / PERFORMED BY: Post Animal

The hunched, balding Walt cleans the monumental mansion of the disgustingly rich and handsome Marshall. Guess who’s obsessing over whom, “Silence of the Lambs” style.

Patryk Chromik

Alec Basse, Max Moore
Alec Basse is a photographer and scenographer from Chicago, just like Post Animal. “Special Moment” is his and his collaborator Max Moore’s first music video.

 Fade / USA 2016 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Eli Linnetz / PERFORMED BY: Kanye West

Visually, it brings to mind fitness shows from the ‘80s, so it’s natural that “Fade” takes us to a hypnotic dance at the gym. The video seems improvised, not trying to answer any question – on the contrary, trying to ask ever more. The ending is the cherry on top of this puzzle.

Piotr Gacek

Eli Linnetz
He won Kanye West’s one year artistic residence. A 24-year old who’s already made a name for himself.

 False Alarm / GBR 2016 5’ / DIRECTED BY: Ilya Naishuller / PERFORMED BY: The Weeknd

A music video about a bank robbery, told from the POV of one of the robbers. The story quickly turns into a bloodbath, and the chase scenes look like a rollercoaster ride!

Maciej Gryzełko

Ilya Naishuller
Russian film director and frontman of the Moscow punk bad Biting Elbows. In 2015, he debuted in cinemas with his feature film “Hardcore Henry”.

 Kolshik / RU 2017 4’ / DIRECTED BY: Ilya Naishuller / PERFORMED BY: Leningrad

The ridiculous story of a series of intertwining, unbelievable events, taking place in a Russian circus. Interestingly, the video was edited in two narrative variants. The competition will feature the one being told backwards.

Maciej Gryzełko

Ilya Naishuller
Russian film director and frontman of the Moscow punk bad Biting Elbows. In 2015, he debuted in cinemas with his feature film “Hardcore Henry”.


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