The Black Horses of 2019!

Ars Independent Festival 2019 is now finished and once again, its audience chose the Black Horses!

This year’s edition lasted 6 days (September 24 – 29). The programme featured more than 40 multimedia events, during which we played / listened to / saw 6 films, 32 animations, 30 music videos and 7 video games between the Black Horse competitions – all confronted with the festival’s audience throughout its 9th edition.

Once again it’s the festival audience that chose the winner among all the nominees in four categories. The winner of each competition received the statuette and title of the Black Horse and 500 euros. The competitors were debuting and young authors of new works released between 2018 and 2019.

Who are the lucky winners?


The Black Horse of Film – with the average of 4,83 – is Yann Gonzalez with the film “Knife + Heart”.


In the Black Horse of Animation, the winner is Weronika Szyma for the film “A Degvil and a Rascat”. The animation achieved an average of 5,32.


With a rating average of 4,97, the Black Horse of Music Video is Ninian Doff, directors of the “We’ve got to try” by The Chemical Brothers.


In the competition for the Black Horse of Video Games – with an average of 5,33 – won Hempuli Oy for the game “Baba is You”.

“Thus, this year’s Ars is over. Once again, we got to gather a variety of different audio-visual experiences. We sincerely thank everyone for being with us and helping us make this fantastic, ninth edition of the festival. See you next September! Don’t be a stranger, XOXO, keep it real,” adds Gosia Szarada, the festival’s photographer.

The event was organized by the cultural institution Katowice City of Gardens and the City of Katowice.