The Black Horses of Ars Independent 2017!

We know now the winners of this year’s 7th edition of Ars Independent! After 6 festival days, our festivalgoers chose the Black Horses of film, animation, video games and music video!

The four international competitions for the title and statue of the Black Horse – alongside a monetary prize of 500 euros – featured authors of works from 2016 and 2017. During the festival, we saw: 6 feature films, 31 short animations, 7 video games and 27 music videos. From all of that, our audience members chose for winners!

The Black Horse of Film – with an average rating of 4,4 – was given to Morgan Simon for „A Taste of Ink” (FRA 2016 ’80); an emotional picture compared to the best of Xavier Dolan.

The winner of the Black Horse of Animation is Steffen Bang Lindholm for „Less Than Human” (DEN 2017 6’) with an average rating of 4,25. The short film, taking on a quasi-found footage formula, refreshens the somewhat dead zombie movie genre.

The Black Horse of Video Games was awarded to the studio Playdead for their „Inside” (DNK 2016), who turned the classic sidescroller into a stressful, stuffy experience of powerlessness. The game’s average rating is 4,48.

Who became the Black Horse of Music Videos? The title went to Alexandre Courtes, for his music video for Cassius’ (ft. Cat Power & Pharell Williams) „Go Up” (average rating of 4,46). This parodic, seemingly accidental patchwork of shots (including Świebodzin’s own Jesus) is an accurate snipe at our contemporary media reality.

„The 7th Ars is behind us. We had good, civil fun. We extend our thanks to everyone for a fantastic edition of our festival!” comments Bartek Sołtysik, the festival’s media spokesperson.

Ars Independent Festival 2018 will take place between September 25 and 30 in Katowice.