The Black Horses of Ars Independent 2018 are out!

Once again, the festival audience decided the fates of the Black Horses. We now know the winners of competitions at the multimedia festival Ars Independent 2018 in Katowice.

This year’s edition of Katowice’s event confronted us with more than 200 audiovisual works over 6 days (from September 25 to 30), gathered in 12 thematical sections. As in previous years, the festival’s heart consisted of the international Black Horse competitions. We’ve watched, listened to and played the latest creations from 2017 and 2018 in four categories – film, animation, video games and music video.

What makes Ars Independent unique is that the winners are chosen by the audience. The winners of every competition will receive the statuette and title of the Black Horse alongside 500 euros.

Who won the 8th festival?


Iona Uricaru with „Lemonade” (ROU / SWE / CAN / DEU 2018) became the Black Horse of Film, with the average rating of 4,48 (on the 1-6 scale).

The film tells the story of Mara – a Romanian immigrant, who tries to fulfill her American Dream. Initially, everything seems to be going just fine. But when the woman applies for a residence permit, a twist of fate forces her to gamble her love for her husband, her child and most importantly – for herself.


Claudia Cortés Espejo, Lora D’Addazio and Mathilde Remy for „The Voice Over” (BEL 2018) – receiving the average rating of 5,46 – together are the Black Horse of Animation.

What if fictional characters could hear a voice over, telling them what to do – but couldn’t escape it? Three animators spin a yarn about Bobby and his unusual problem. A fourth wall-breaking story-within-a-story.


11 bit studios, authors of „Frostpunk” (POL 2018) – receiving the average rating of 5,19 – are the Black Horse of Video Games.

The expectations laid upon the new game of the makers of “This War of Mine” were enormous. Four years ago, the Polish studio proved that they have perfect mastery over two concepts – a brave idea at the core of gameplay, and its pitch-perfect realization. And now they’ve done it again. Using a clever trick to drive a wedge into its tycoon roots, creating a fantastic setting and expertly balancing the gameplay, 11 bit studios created a realistic strategy which instantly sucks you in – and moves you to your core.


With the average rating of 4,6 for her video for „Troskliwy” by Drekoty (POL 2018), Zuzanna Plisz became the Black Horse of Music Videos.

A fable-like love story of two giants, where the titular care provokes the collision of two alien worlds. In the background, the winter scenery of Polish province and beautiful shots of nature by Kacper Fertacz.

„And that’s all, folks. We saw a few cool films, played some kickin’ games, a few videos banged around nicely. Kind thanks to everyone and we wish you a beautiful life. See you next year in Katowice, like always, when September ends,” comments Bartek Sołtysik, the festival’s media spokesperson.

Ars Independent Festival 2019 will take place from September 24 to 29 in Katowice.