The Black Horses of Music Videos!

This year, four, not three Black Horses will ride out of Katowice! In the new international music video competition, we will watch 24 videos, including 3 productions from Poland.

The competition is for young directors of music videos released between 2015 and 2016. The two sets of videos are a cross-section through tendencies and movements which crystalized in the past two years: minimalism, documentalism, physicality, the new functions of dance or the still going strong retro – they are just a few of the phenomena presented at the screenings.

“The YouTube revolution in music videos has happened, now it’s the time to reap its rewards. The move from television to the Internet forced artists to formulate a new aesthetic, which in turn made viewers reevaluate what a music video actually is,” comments Paweł Świerczek, the festival’s music and music video curator.

The visual side of music will also show itself a tour festival in other sets: of horror music videos (Shiver Me Thrillers), the informal tale of Polish music video (A Pervert’s Guide to Polish Music Videos), mainstream pop-avantgarde (Guardians of the Mainstream) and VR experiments (360° Music Videos).
The programme of the Black Horse of Music Videos 2016:

SET 1/2

Fantazi, Soniamiki, dir. Soniamiki, Maciej Szafraniec, POL 2016 4’
Through My Street, Rio Wolta, dir. Piet Baumgartner, CHE 2015 5’
High School Never Ends, Mykki Blanco ft. Woodkid, dir. Matt Lambert, GER 2016 8’
Doing It To Death, The Kills, dir. Wendy Morgan, GBR 2016 4’
White Out, Barachetti/Ruggeri, dir. Luca Ferr, ITA 2016 7’
Eggshell, Adult Jazz, dir. Sam Travis, GBR 2016 5’
Wedding, Poliça, dir. Isaac Gale, USA 2016 4’
This Is My Hand, My Brightest Diamond, dir. Raphael Neal, FRA 2015 4’
XXVI Crimes Of Love, Huoratron, dir. Perttu Saksa, CAN 2016 4’
Garden, Hinds, dir. Pedro Matrin-Calero, ESP 2015 5’
Aint’ Your Girl, Bixel Boys & Poupon, dir. Pavel Brenner, USA 2016 4’
Girl, The Internet (ft. KAYTRANADA), dir. Lacey Duke, USA 2015 5’

SET 2/2

A jeśli to ja, Marika ft. Gooral, dir. Krzysiek Grudziński, POL 2015 3’
Virile, The Blaze, dir. The Blaze, FRA 2016 5’
Folk Arp, Minor Victories, dir. James Lockey, Justin Lockey, GBR 2016 7’
Turbo Killer, Carpenter Brut, dir. Seth Ickerman, FRA 2016 4’
Hello D, Bleeding Moses, dir. RKH, POL 2016 5’
Oh Baby, Micachu & the Shapes, dir. Andrew Adair, USA 2015 3’
Shaky Hands, Foxtrott, dir. Kevin Calero, CAN 2016 3’
The Magician, Andy Shauf, dir. Winston Hacking, CAN 2016 4’
I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore, Lucy Dacus, dir. Hunter Brumfield, USA 2016 3’
Benidorm Dream, Koudlam, dir. Jamie Harley, FRA 2015 5’
1 Night, Lil Yachty, dir. Glassface & Rahil Ashruff, USA 2016 4’
Black and White Pages, Micah Mason ft. Merryn Mason, dir. Chris Bloom, Patrick Mason, USA 2015 4’