The Closing of Ars Independent 2019

All that’s well ends fast – and so does Ars Independent 2019. This year’s ninth edition was brought together under the tagline #Unsubscribe. It’s time for us to log out as well. But before that happens, it’s worth to take another look at the fluid relationship between image, movement and sound: on Sunday, September 29 at 8pm at the Youth Palace, we will close up the festival with the audio-visual project Soundscape: Mirror.

Soundscape is a duo, operating for more than seven years now. Using modulated imagery and ambient grooves – all live – the Ostrowski/Roszczybiuk duet will take us to the other side of the looking glass, where every scenario is created by human imagination and circuits.

Tickets to the event, priced at 13 PLN, can be bought at Ticketportal or at the Youth Palace, 15 minutes before the event. Entry to the Festival Closing is also granted by festival passes and accreditations.

“I vouch with my entire nervous system that this project can move those brain frequencies we don’t know exist,” adds Oliwia Grysko, the festival’s intern.

Just so you’re not released so easily from the land of imagination at Ars Independent 2019, we’ll be finishing you off with an afterparty at Drzwi Zwane Koniem. Super Retro Video Games Party will connect a video game retrospective with a dance party. Entry to the event is free of charge.

The event is organized by the cultural institution Katowice City of Gardens and the City of Katowice.