The Video Games Night Market

nighttime new, polish indie games showcase
29.09 FR - 30.09 SA 5.00 PM - 3.00 AM @Katowice Miasto Ogrodów

Here in the Ars team we want to confront our audience not only with the work, but also its authors. It’s especially interesting in video games, where participation is more important than in the other media. We craved a space for independent authors to test their productions out on “our” audience of varying levels of gaming experience. That’s why we created this year’s Video Game Night Market – an intense late-night indie showcase. It’s an opportunity to be around creators, audiences and most importantly: games, at different stages of production, with a steady amount of passion.

The featured games are:

Punch Punk Games
→ “Apocalipsis – Harry at the End of the World”, POL TBD

“Apocalipsis – Harry at the end of the world” is a unique puzzle point-and-click adventure game, with action and story-driven sequences. Its beautiful hand-drawn apocalyptic graphics were inspired by Dürer’s engravings and the aesthetic of Danse Macabre.

→ “Super Hero Fight Club”, POL TBD

“Super Hero Fight Club” is a game which lets you pit your favorite superheroes against each other! Prepare for the ultimate battle on mobile platforms and more. Play with your friends on one device, unlock dozens of heroes and maps – take on one of many challenging missions.

Pigmentum Game Studio
→ “Indygo”, POL TBD

“Indygo” is a narrative game with adventure game trappings playing out in a single room. It tells the story of a sailor suffering from depression. The title tries to reintroduce what people with anxiety and mental issues are going through.

→ “Grey Skies”, POL TBD

“Grey Skies” is an adventure game focused on exploration, in where the player directs the actions of the Wanderer. Lost and harassed by ghosts of his past, the man has to cross the bizarre Land of Twilight to find out who he is and why he’s there. The road to truth follows through six diverse stages – but the truth is elusive, since its final shape is determined by the player’s actions.

Boom Town Games
→ “Egony”, POL TBD

“EGONY” is a turn-based strategy with a mechanic of hiring special units from other players. The most complex Polish mobile game, focused on constant fighting over locations. Your guile, strategy and quick thinking are key, and every move matters. Act effectively and decisively, conquer and plunder, get what is yours and get out.

Evil Indie Games
→ “Extra Color”, POL TBD

“Extra Color” is a quick, minimalist mobile action game with a style straight from the ’80s. It combines original, simple, one-buitton gameplay with a challenge system for every player, a high difficulty level and a synthwave soundtrack.

→ “No Thing”, POL 2016

It’s 1994 and it’s the future. “NO THING” is a surreal action game set in a totalitarian nation of the future. The player steps into the shoes of a clerk-messenger, whose task is to deliver an extremely important message to the Snow Queen’s palace.

→ “Fugudo: The Way of a Fish Warrior”, POL TBD

“Fugudo: The Way Of A Fish Warrior” is a 4-player fighting game focusing on the fates of samurai trapped in the bodies of fugu fish. The game stands out with its easy-to-use controls (based on just 3buttons) and original art style referencing the Japanese, Edo age art of ukiyo-e.

Piotr Bunkowski & Hades Productions
→ “Purgatorium: A Family Torn Apart”, POL 2017

“Purgatorium: A Family Torn Apart is an interactive thriller in which you play as Ann – a kidnapped girl trapped in an abandoned basement. The game utilizes point-and-click gameplay with elements of FMV.”

Sleepless Clinic
→ “Symmetry”, POL TBD

In “Symmetry”, your goal is to survive. The action takes place in a retro-futurist science-fiction world. Your main task is to manage the catastrophe’s survivors so they survive in the extremely cold, isolated environment, repair their ship and evacuate. Featuring a story filled with plot twists, set to beautiful graphics and soundtrack.

PolyAmorous Games
→ “Paradise Lost”, POL TBD

„Paradise Lost” is a narrative exploration-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world of a retrofuturistic bunker.
The Eastern European setting is a background for a miltonesque story about the dualism of human nature which combines self-destructive tendencies with the undying will of survival. The game’s themes – Science vs. religion, order vs. chaos, the good of one vs the good of many – will all lead to one question: what is humanity?


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