They were laughing when I wroted clickbaits. AIF2020 programme

For years, the festival has been exploring the cultures of the internet and, surprisingly, it is weird that only because of the global plague it was forced to move to the Internet. This year, the Ars Independent Festival is celebrating its 10th birthday, and we will enjoy the event together on the Internet – from 24 to 26 September! The Festival programme has just been announced!

A total of 13 events will be held under the slogan #YouArsIndependent – a tribute to the festival audience. Some of the content will be available on the festival website, youtube channel and portal for 3 festival days. Some will be live broadcasts – which will take place according to the schedule: on youtube and facebook. Over 30 guests, 45 audiovisual works, nearly 600 minutes of video viewing, almost 400 minutes of meetings and discussions – this is Ars Independent 2020 Online!

All festival events are free this year!

Rave, aliens, heroin: Liquid Sky’s screening is a story out of a David Bowie fantasy. The aliens come to Earth in search of drugs and sex, immersing themselves in the underground, queer and rave world. – Out of 100 B movies, only 1 is good. This is the case with “Liquid Sky” – adds Patryk Sławicki, festival programmer. We will see the film on the platform.

For years, at the festival, animation has been a land of imagination: sometimes light, pleasant and colorful, and sometimes borderline, confusing and in colors whose names we do not even know. In the Playlist with experimental animations on we will see a selection of just such “crazy” short films, incl. “The Last Supper” by Piotr Dumała.

Imagine your favorite movie without music. There are no dialogues, all “splash!”, “knock!” and “boom!” are gone. Something is happening on the screen, but there is no tension or emotion attached to it. During 3 hours for 3 minutes: composing music for “World of Tomorrow” together with Michał Paduch (aka Pigeon Break) we will look at how to produce music for the film. It will be “World of Tomorrow” by Don Hertzfeldt, honored with 44 awards at the world’s largest festivals, including an Oscar nomination.

During the Discussion on cultural information pollution, we will talk together with: Anna Szrama (Silesia Film), Adrian Chorębała (Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice), Piotr Zawojski (Silesia University) and Matylda Badera (Katowice City of Gardens) about the culture during the pandemic era. The event will be accompanied by a series of journalistic articles by, among others: Mateusz Demski.

Among the events accompanying the festival, we can find Keywords with presentations about working in game dev. A series of workshops from friends from the Katowice branch of Keywords Studios. We will hear about the role of Player Support in relation to players and the nuances of working in an international environment.

You can read about the events from the first programme announcement here: 10th Anniversary Online! First programme announcements.

The event is organized by the Katowice City of Gardens and the City of Katowice.