Video Games Night Market at AIF2017

Ars Independent is putting more and more focus on video games. On Friday, September 29, the festival will be hosting the Video Games Night Market – an open event dedicated to those interested in the latest works of interactive entertainment, both among creators and players.

For a couple years already, Ars Independent has been introducing its audience to titles which often change our perception of what video games are and what they can be. Loosely alluding to the early years of gaming in Poland and the tradition of computer markets, Katowice will host an event for young creators who would like to directly present their new games, including those still in production.

“The games of Ars Independent don’t exist in a vacuum: they come from individual people, with their own stories and inspirations. Through their participatory character, video games provoke a confrontation between authors and audiences. The Night Market is a space for such interaction – an indie showcase open until after midnight,” adds Jacek Wandzel, video game curator at Ars Independent.

The deadline for entries is July 31, 2017. Entry and participation are free of charge.