Video Games Night Market

Time for the third edition of the night video game expo and showcase of interactive media at Ars Independent! We invite game developers studios and authors of interactive, multimedia, audiovisual projects to submit as exhibitors. Submit right now!

The Video Game Night Market will take place on Friday, September 27th between 5pm and midnight in the Katowice City of Gardens (KMO) building (pl. Sejmu Śląskiego 2). It is worth mentioning that the event will accompany the Katowice’s Open Gallery Night NOC-K.

Deadline for submissions is July 23th, 2019. You will be informed about the status of your participation no later than July 30th. Entry and participation are free of charge.

We invite those interested in hosting an exhibition stand with their work to acquaint themselves with the detailed rules and regulations and to fill out the entry form.

Select rules of the Night Market:

1. Independent authors and studios, as well as other industry organizations (publishers, distributors, sale platforms, media and editorial teams, schools and universities, hardware and software producers) are eligible to participate in the Night Market as exhibitors.

2. During the event, the exhibitor can present video games and other interactive, multimedia, audioviusal projects at any stage of their production, as well as published titles.

3. Free of charge, we grant our exhibitors: space dedicated to the spand, access to the electrical and wi-fi networks, a chair and table.

4. The Exhibitor must provide the required presentation hardware and other elements of their stand by themselves. Accommodation and travel costs are also covered by the exhibitor.

5. The Night Market is not a trade/commercial event.

In case of any questions please contact us:

Festival Manager
Matylda Badera