We know the programme of Ars Independent 2016!

We revealed the full programme of this year’s edition of Ars Independent! From September 27 to October 2, during 6 festival days, we will search for Black Horses – that which is unseen, marginalized, omitted.

This year, the programme will feature 40 events spread across 11 section. We will watch 78 short and full feature films and animations and 75 music videos – together it’s 1756 minutes of film material! Additionally, 19 games await at interactive exhibitions, with evenings spent at 6 concerts and 6 afters with DJs.

For the festival’s grand opening, Katowice will be the host to the master of hypnotic rhythms and powerfull basslines: straight from Los Angeles, M.O.O.N. Known for the soundtrack to the dark duology „Hotline Miami” – which received last year’s Audience Horseshoe at Ars Independent – he will rock the Rialto theater with his fascinating downtempo and retrowave beats.

Rialto will also be the stage for the festival’s closing and Kopyta Zła – an audio-visual spectacle by Joanna Szumacher and Paweł Cieślik, residing somewhere on the borders between dance performance, stage musical and radio play. Strange electronica and seemingly absurd lyrics telling the tale of Ferdinand and his evil-belching horse from Edgar Allan Poe’s “Metzengerstein”.

Apart from the familiar international competitions of new films, animations and games, for the first time we will also see Black Horses of music videos. In a gesture towards its audience, this year’s Ars Independent leaves the awards in the hands of festivalgoers, who will vote for the Black Horses!

At the Światowid cinema we will see the 6 feature film nominees, which will include the Polish-Mexican surrealist comedy “Panamerican Machinery” by Joaquin del Paso of the Lodz Film School. This year, the animation competition, which will take place in the Katowice City of Gardens (KMO) building, is an orgy of aesthetics and different approaches to adult animation. Among the 33 shorts we will find “The Gentle Giant” by Marcin Podolec, one of the most prolific Polish comic book artists and one of the laureates at Ars Independent 2015. 6 games will compete for the title of the Black Horse of Video Games, present at KMO. We will play games such as the crazy experiment „Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes” by Steel Crate Games, in which we try to defuse a bomb while wearing VR goggles while our friends attempt to steer us to victory with the help of a deceptive guide book. KMO will also be the stage for music videos. 24 videos will participate, including The Kills’ “Doing it to Death” as directed by Wendy Morgan, whose “Going On” for Gnarls Barkley was named one of the 30 best music videos of all time according to Time magazine.

In addition, KMO will host: a selection of animations from Visegrad, the historical „The Adventures of Prince Achmed” by Lód 9, contemporary animated and interactive horror, the most interesting student etudes and Polish indie games in an art gallery.

At the festival club A Door Called Horse will await us: documentaries and music films from three corners of the world, the informal history of Polish music videos, the music video pop avant-garde, unsettling horror vids, concerts – from Rybnik’s coldwave, through Prague’s postrave, to Berlin’s vegan electronica – capping of with night afters with DJs.

In addition we’ll visit the Rhino Cinema at Katowice’s Academy of Fine Arts to watch short animations from Prague’s FAMU, the school which raised such artists as Emir Kusturica, Agnieszka Holland and Petr Zelenka.

“When we were looking for cool stuff for this year’s Ars, we weren’t expecting we’ll be inviting you to such an insanely diverse festival. The cipher to this edition will be: no boredom allowed!” comments Bartek Sołtysik, Ars Independent’s media spokesperson.

Ars Independent Festival 2016 will take place in Katowice between September 27 and October 2. The event is organized by the Katowice City of Gardens institution and the City of Katowice.

Until September 26 festival passes are available at the TicketPro and Tickerportal networks at the price of 80 PLN. From the festival’s first day we will begin selling passes and tickets at festival spaces.