We’re all Horses now

Film! Animation! Video games! Music videos! Ars Independent Festival 2016! From September 27 to October 2, for the sixth time, the Black Horses will visit Katowice. Together, through 40 events at this year’s edition, we will search for that which others deemed unworthy of mention, which they didn’t want to see, what slipped through the sidelines.

Every year, we encouraged you to look for your own private Black Horses at Ars Independent. Remember that this year, for the first time, you will choose the actual Black Horse. You will be the ones to give out the awards in four international competitions – of film, animation, video games and music videos – by voting as a collective, social jury. The best jurors we could ever hope for.

Additionally, we hope that you will find something for yourselves among the out of competition sections of our festival. From fairy-tale-like and dramatic music films in the City of Music, through scraps of the variety-filled world of contemporary Horror, to cosmic ambients and bass ecstasy on the Music Scene’s dancefloors. In our media collection – {Film}, {Animation}, {Video Games}, {Music Videos] – there will also be place not only for youthful moxie and breaths of fresh air, but also careful, thoughtful looks at the past.

“It’s not a festival of red carpets, flashes and Big Names. Every year, they ask us about this year’s headliners. You won’t find those at Ars. It’s a festival of small discoveries, intimate accidents, niche personalities,” comments Bartek Sołtysik, the festival’s media spokesperson.

See you at Ars Independent!