Who Will Appear at the Night Market?

A deserted metro in VR, the turn-based dawn of Slavic gods or a Tamagotchi-influenced pregnancy sim – we now know some of the studios to visit Katowice for the Video Game Night Market!

The Night Market is an expo for indie games and interactive experiences, taking place as part of the multimedia festival Ars Independent (September 24-29). The event will celebrate its third edition on Friday, September 27.

As a reminder: authors can still submit to participate in the event as exhibitioners until July 23. Who already confirmed their participation?

“METRO VR” by Epic VR’s Adam Łapczyński is a shooter in the vein of ‘90s FPS titles. Virtual reality transports us to an abandoned metro station, where dangerous robots lurk about.

Fantastic Humans will present the game “Fantastic Fetus,” inspired by the Black Protests in Poland. In this pregnancy sim, influenced by Tamagotchi, we will take care of a pregnant women, attempting to create a super-powered fetus of our dreams.

“Zniw Adventure” is a violence-free point’n’click adventure game. Hand-drawn 2D graphics, stop motion animation, a strong focus on educational aspects and the grand adventure of the young, female dinosaur Zniw in the prehistoric region of Polisemia – Azure Mountain’s game in short.

Eremite Games will visit the festival with “Shattered Plane.” In this turn-based strategy for mobile phones, we play as one of the competing gods of the Slavic pantheon in several game modes: from a campaign to hot seat multiplayer.

As every year the Museum of Computer and Information Technology History will also be with us.

It is worth mentioning that this isn’t everything for video game enthusiasts. Abstracts for the ForePlay conference on video game erotica can be submitted until June 30.

The event is organized by the cultural institution Katowice City of Gardens and the City of Katowice.