Who Will Play at Ars Independent?

This year’s music scene at Ars Independent will take us from Boston’s retrowave to Rybnik’s coldwave. Seven performances await us – free of territorial and genre borders!

From September 27 to October 2, Ars Independent – Katowice’s festival of film, animation, video games and music videos – will host projects from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA. Our guests will be: M.O.O.N., Beautiful Weather, Lód 9, Bukowicz, Zdrada Pałki, Subject Lost and Joanna Szumacher and Paweł Cieślak’s „Kopyta zła” (The Hooves of Evil).

Additionally, be ready for open dance afterparties with DJs, every evening at the festival club A Door Called Horse (ul. Warszawska 37).

Concert tickets are available on venue for 10 PLN. Additionally, owners of tickets from a given day are granted free entry to performances at A Door Called Horse.

The Music Scene is powered by our festival’s sponsor, Lech!


27.09, 20.00 @ Rialto Theatre
The sounds of animals fighting, heavy bass and hypnotic rhythms – perfect for virtual hurting other people. Or dancing. M.O.O.N., one of the people responsible for “Hotline Miami’s” soundtrack, will come to Katowice straight from Los Angeles to open the festival in the style of downtempo and retrowave! The real deal, not only for gamers.

Beautiful Weather
27.09, 20.00 @ Rialto Cinema Theatre
The Katowice-based DJ, known from his other project Ciemność, will take us on an electronic journey, supporting M.O.O.N. during the Festival Opening.

Lód 9
28.09, 20.30 @ Katowice City of Gardens: room 211
Orderly noise, free sound. The Katowice-based experimental duo composed a new soundtrack to the historical animation “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” from 1926, which we will hear during a screening with live music!

29.09, 22.30 @ A Door Called Horse
In their music, the Bukowicz trio from Rybnik reaches for the wisest traditions of cold wave in the ‘80s and serves them as modern as they can get. Some time ago, Bukowicz tried to cover Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” and… they did well.

Zdrada Pałki
30.09, 22.30 @ A Door Called Horse
“Vegan queer electro kitsch!” – is what Zdrada Pałki says about themselves. Nothing to add here, really. The Varsovian project will come to Katowice straight from Berlin and will definitely shake the floors of A Door Called Horse!

Subject Lost
01.10, 22.30 @ A Door Called Horse
The master of atmospheric post-rave will arrive for his very first concert in Poland straight from Prague. Cosmic ambients, minimalist techno and the harsh jolts of electric guitar – Subject Lost live is something between a mystical experience and a dancing ecstasy.

Joanna Szumacher i Paweł Cieślak: Kopyta zła
02.10, 20.00 @ Rialto Cinema Theatre
To outspin this year’s Ars Independent, the Horse will speak with its own voice. Through song and dance, with a musical entourage and in the thick air of absurdity it will speak its mind and heart. Live. An audiovisual spectacle based on Edgar Allan Poe’s novel “Metzengerstein”.