Who Will We See at the Video Game Night Market in Katowice?

For the second time, Ars Independent hosts the Video Game Night Market, an expo and showcase of young video game creators. Once again, Katowice will be visited by the most interesting in Polish indie – titles that will echo louder only after the festival.

The Night Market takes place during the festival on Friday, September 28, from 5pm to midnight. It’s worth noting that entry to the event is free of charge. The event is a part of Katowice’s Gallery Night NOC-k.

This time, 13 exhibitors from all over Poland (and outside of it) await us in KMO. Who will we meet, who will we talk to and what will we play?

Haunted Tie (BEL) → “Domiverse”
There’s always time for one more round in this fast and frantic 4-player party brawler. Each of the fighters has a crazy ability that’s a bit unfair, so it’s all about being a bit unfairer than your friends. So pick your favourite fighter and battle your friends in super short and intense one-hit-kill matches! “Domiverse” is best enjoyed accompanied by the assumption of some mild physical violence between friends, playing together in front of the TV.

Neurodio Games (POL) → „Numbala”
Numbala is an education game, designed to help children with learning math. It was created together with researchers from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and utilizes the mental number line concept to shape the player’s mathematical expertise. Thanks to its beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. Numbala draws children in and the number line training happens without the player’s conscious participation.

Helena Chojnowska (POL) → „Pętla”
An experimental game made in Unreal 4 on the subject of depression, the feeling of despair and futility, but also hesitation in face of taking one’s life. The player is an outside, powerless observer, witnessing a character on the brink of suicide. The game is an attempt to portray how an ill person feels, as well as the state of malaise and petrification.

Pigmentum Game Studio (POL) → „Indygo”
„Indygo” is a narrative game with adventure game elements which plays out in a single room. It tells the story of a painter suffering from depression. The illness is the game’s main motif, alongside the accompanying isolation. The game fetures puzzle solving, correspondence with other characters and decision-making, which influences the course of events. The title is an attempt to show what people with mental issues may live through.

Too Husky (POL) → „Mira”
„Mira” is a Slavic point and click adventure game with a particular focus on narration. The game is primarily aimed at PCs, with plans for mobile releases in the future. The title’s goal is to present our vision of Slavic mythology. A particular focus has been put on player choice, which determines the story’s course, up until its ending. Although simple puzzles will not be excluded!

Black Mouse sp. z o.o. (POL) → „Profundum”
„Profundum” is a puzzle adventure game taking place in a steampunk world. The player is tasked with manipulating cog, steam and chain-based machines, opening up the secrets of an abandoned dig site. The game will be released for popular VR platforms such as HTC Vive and Oculus.

Piotr Czech (POL) → no0NE
Enter the system, break it, end it. Navigate between hidden files, inaccessible to average people and even machines. You’re an error, a bug, one that must be fixed ASAP, so run! It’s going to be so damn hard you won’t make it. One hint – don’t blink, just, don’t blink, because there’s no time for that. Attention! This is not a joke.

Piotr Czech (POL) → “Gravity”
Gravite is a mobile arcade game, where the player controls an array of shapes. Our goal is to score the most points and unlock every single available costume. On the path: a variety of points, boosters, obstacles… However, the only tool is the ability to change gravity.

Piotr Czech & Frogkar (POL) → Paci-Fist
It’s the day of the title fight, and you’re gonna have to defeat the champ without throwing a single punch. Wait, what?! Well yeah, boxing was never Toady Michigan’s forte, but if there’s anything he can do, it’s outlast the opposition. Using either your hard head or stomach of steel, deflect any blows that come your way, and never give up!

Varsav Game Studios S.A. (POL) → „Bee Simulator”
See the world through a bee’s eyes! Compete in bee races, fight enemies, collect pollen, get jiggy in the bee dance and freely explore the game world inspired by New York’s Central Park. Three different modes of play await you. Play with friends and family – cooperate or compete!

Fuero Games Sp. z o.o. (POL) → “Bushy Tail”
„Bushy Tail” is a narrative game about a three-legged fox. The story is narrated by three children, who in their dive into a fictional world face various sudden challenges, verifying their experiences. The fox is their character – growing, evolving and adapting to reality. During gameplay, the portrayed world constantly changes according to the leading character’s narrative, while the player crafts the story and future events.

Nano Games (POL) → „ZAMB! Redux”
An action twin-stick shooter combined with tower-defense and local co-op aimed at 2 players.

Little Bit Academy (POL) → “Babaturan”
Babaturan is an interactive story with three minigames in which the player controls aliens trying to find a home on Earth. The problem is, we’re not very tolerant hosts. The aliens want to do something about it and so the adventure begins. A shot from about hate and intolerance. A game by WhizzKids from a social school in Chorzów under the guidance ofLittle Bit Academy with a pixel-art style; soon to be released on Android.

Sperasoft, Keywords Studios (POL)
Keywords Studios is a global service provider for game producers, including the field of industry employment. Currently, it operates with 48 studios in 20 countries on 4 continents. Recently, they’ve opened a new studio in Katowice.

Muzeum Historii Komputerów i Informatyki (POL)
A social cooperative museum that will take you back over 40 years in the past. 40 years, which seem to be a short period, well-remembered. However, you have to be aware that 40 years in information technology are several centuries in architecture. The museum warehouse has collected over 3,900 exhibits, of which over 550 functional computers are already available.