10th birthday online! Ars Independent 2020 first programme announcements

This year, the Ars Independent multimedia festival will be held for the tenth time! For a decade, it has brought a young, niche and modern audiovisual culture to Katowice. This time, however – in times of plague – the event is moving online! We just got to know the first few events of the festival.

Ars Independent 2020 will take place from 24 to 26 September. The slogan of this year’s edition is #YouArsIndependent – a tribute to the audience of the event, thanks to which the festival can celebrate its 10th birthday today.

This year, the programme is exceptionally held without competitions for the Black Horse awards, but all events will be free and available online (eg. on facebook and youtube).

The film essay begins its history in the 1920s, although it will not be labeled until 1940. This year we will look at the online heir to the genre – the video essay. Shorter in form, often amateurish and much more flashy. The double event – An article on youtube video essays – will combine a review of the most interesting pop culture channels of the last decade (from the dawn of a modern video essay on YouTube to this day) and a meeting with video essayists, authors of the Film Radar, Films & Stuff and BluShades channels.

10 years of the festival and 10 artists whose music videos we could watch on Ars Independent over the years. This time, they will offer us a selection of music videos that inspired them, that they admire, and that they simply like. On the Playlist on youtube with your favorite clips of your favorite musicians you will hear what Baasch, Novika, Borys LBD or the band Drekoty listen to daily.

Another birthday event and another review – this time animated. As part of the Playlist of new animations by Ars’ artists, we will see new short films by animators, whose debut productions competed for the title of the Black Horse in past years. This time after school and seriously in the film industry.

If you dream of working in game dev or interactive media: Online presentations about how to video games (formerly: Game On) will be an event for you. Virtual waiting room? The remake of Katowice’s old train station? Characters from Dungeons & Dragons or Divine Comedy? Sounds straight from the legendary Polish Radio Experimental Studio? All this and more await us. The review of multimedia projects by young, novice authors will be accompanied by a meeting hosted by Magdalena Cielecka (production manager at Anshar Studios).

– This year Ars will be a different event: more modest in scale and experimental in form. Uncertainty about the future and concern for the safety of participants prompted us to commit the festival online. We did not want to give up the festival, especially in the context of the jubilee, but our original financial or program assumptions were completely reoriented due to the COVID-19. However, despite the changes, it will still be an event in the spirit of the Black Horse: a bit strange, a bit surprising, going its own way – comments Bartek Sołtysik, media spokesman of the festival.

These are just the first few events of the festival; the rest, along with the event calendar, will be announced in September.

The event is organized by the Katowice City of Gardens cultural institution and the City of Katowice.