#ArsIndependent 2016

Awards, visual identification, poster, spot and catalogue of the 6th edition of Ars Independent Festival.

Awards in all four festival competition was awarded by audience.
→ The Black Horse of Film: Johnny Ma for „Old Stone” (China, Canada 2016);
→ The Black Horse of Animation: Réka Bucsi for „Love” (France, Hungary 2016);
→ The Black Horse of Music Videos: Isaac Gale for „Wedding” (USA 2016) by Poliça;
→ The Black Horse of Video Games: Ben Kane, Brian Fetter and Allen Pestaluki from Steel Crate Games for „Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” (Canada 2015).

In a world where “everything is a copy of a copy” – as Tyler Durden said – where everything is digitized, we tried to cross digital and analogue techniques of reproducing visual identity with each other. By overlapping and multiplying layers (created in several rounds of photocopying and scanning), a chaotic, illegible, zipped product was created. Next to it, we blended the real / fantastic worlds of Irena and Piotr in 360 technology.

Maciej Gryzełko
Bartek Sołtysik
Rafał Włodarek

Rafał Włodarek

Maciej Gryzełko
Katarzyna Goczoł
Anna Kaczkowska
Irena Kubik Sokołowska
Maciej Maśnica
Marcin Opas
Anna Sąsiadek
Mateusz Smaczny
Maria-Magdalena Wawrzyńczyk
Agnieszka Zdonek