USA 2015
27.09 – 02.10, 12.00 – 22.00 @Katowice City of Gardens: 5 gallery

DEVELOPED BY: Star Maid Games
PUBLISHED BY: Star Maid Games

Nina is a young girl who is starting college. She’s most definitely a teenager: she has a tacky blog, a lot of complexes, she’s not good at being in crowds. She also plays games – in the fictional MMO Valtameri, she meets Blake, with whom she begins a personal relationship. In her autobiographical game, Nina Freeman takes players on an intimate journey you don’t see very often in games. She reveals herself to the audience in many ways, giving them insight not only into her mind and worries, but also into her life and sexuality, sharing notes, private conversations and risque photos. Freeman’s courage shows also in the choice of the video game medium, which is divided into two parts: the exploration of Nina’s desktop and playing Valtameri. Despite its biographical intimacy, Cibele is a universal story: about the strangeness of Internet relationships and how elusive is the barrier between loving and crushing on.

Nina Freeman & Star Maid Games

The punk poet of video games. Her claim to fame are her autobiographical games, in which she touches upon sexuality and interpersonal relationships. In 2014 she made How Do You Do It, which was a finalist at the Independent Games Festival and Indiecade. Currently, she’s working on Tacoma from the makers of Gone Home. Cibele is her first commercially released title.

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