Do It Together

NLD 2015 76’

DIRECTED BY: Alek Riquelme
SCREENPLAY BY: Alek Riquelme
PRODUCED BY: Alek Riquelme
CAST: Steve Albini, Dan Deacon, Mark Mothersbaugh, Jason Noble, Tristan Bechet

In this documentary about searching for alternatives to the petrified mainstream music industry, a collective of independent artists share their thoughts about new production models. In this musial video essay – with no shortage of idealized perspectives – the value and importance of tools (ones formed in the era of Internet society) is stressed. They allow to bypass the record industry giants in the publishing process. Bound by financial, promotional and logistical limitations, the artists propagate a vision based on open source solutions and working together.

The Black Horse Competition

Feature debuts and second films competition

The Black Horse of Animation Competition 1/3

Short animations competition

The Black Horse of Animation Competition 2/3

Short animations competition

The Black Horse of Animation Competition 3/3

Short animations competition

Give it a Chance!

Set of animations, from which viewers will choose film, which will join the Black Horse of Animation competition

The Black Horse of Video Games Competition

New video games competition. Technological Partner of the exhibition is PCStore

Jury reviews

Barczyk, van Elmbt, Dębski, Verveake, Dvorský. Films, animations, video games.

Out of Competition

Sensual cinema from three different continents. Debuts and second films screened out of of competition.


No matter the costs or opinions. Music films and documentaries from all over the world

Do you play?

Designer, producer, journalist. Video game aesthetics and criticism panel


Not quite imagined. Periphery of music videos. Games of animation.

Music Stage

Cassette sets, pocket jam session, pop from Berlin and house from Katowice. Concerts, live acts, DJ sets

Accompanying Events

Animations from Budapest, adventure games from Katowice, peculiarities from VR