Emily is Away Too

USA 2017
26.09 TU – 01.10 SU 12.00 AM – 22.00 PM @Katowice Miasto Ogrodów: Galeria 5


“Emily is Away Too” is a painful return to those first attempts at building quasi-romantic relationships on the Internet. Kyle Seeley’s visual novel… Wait, didn’t we see that already? Kind of, since the Boston-based designer was nominated last year. He now comes back with a spiritual successor to his unique game about DSL love and the nostalgia for the times of Windows XP, ICQ and teenage angst, with an even better portrait of the online Wild West of the previous decade.

Free admission.

Kyle Seeley

Boston-based video game designer and developer. He is interested in interactive media and designing multimedia experiences. He likes bright colors. Seeley was nominated for the Black Horse of Video Games in 2016 for “Emily is Away”.


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