Media and Industry Accreditations

From now on we will receive requests for media and industry accreditations for Ars Independent 2016!

Accreditations are free of charge and allow entry to all festival events. Additionally, they grant permission for foto, audio and video registration at festival spaces.

Media accreditations are aimed at members of the press – including bloggers, podcasts, YouTube channels and other – devoted to: culture, film, animation, video games and music.

Industry accreditations are for members of the film, animation, video games, music or general culture industries (i.e. producers, publishers, distributors, festival representatives and others).

We will be grateful for sharing all Ars Independent-related materials – released before, during and after the festival – with us via mail.

To receive a media or industry accreditation, please fill out the application available below until September 10. We will inform you via mail whether the request was granted on September 17 at the latest.

Please forward all questions to:

Bartek Sołtysik
+48 607 884 535