Old Stone

Lao Shi, CHN / CAN 2016 80'
29.09 TH 18.30 @Światowid Cinema

PRODUCED BY: Wu Xianjian, Chi-an Lin, Jing Wang, Sarah Stallard
CAST: Chen Gang, Nai An, Wang Hongwei, Zhang Zebin, Luo Xue’er

The story of a taxi driver, who becomes entangled in the heartless machine of Chinese bureaucracy as a result of helping an injured motorcyclist. Due to his humanitarian approach, he’s exposed to cynical comments from the police and the personnel of the hospital. After weeks of getting pushed around by officials, the taxi driver decides to take matters into his own hands. “Old Stone” is an engaging genre film. The director deftly combines the aesthetics of Asian cinema with the American alt tradition from Sundance. Johnny Ma made a socially conscious film for the viewers, who until now wouldn’t enjoy this type of cinema.

Johnny Ma

Director from Toronto who was born in the Chinese Nan Ma. He graduated from Columbia University and the Sundance Institute Screenwriting / Direct Lab. His feature film debut “Old Stone” was screened at the Hong Kong IFF and Berlinale.

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