Baba Is You

FIN 2019 DEVELOPED BY:   Hempuli Oy PUBLISHED BY:   Hempuli Oy
25.09 16.00 - 28.09 22.00 KMO: galeria 5 FREE ENTRY

Don’t like the rules? Move ‘em! The deeper you sink into the sweet Baba’s world, the more maverick puzzles, rule sets and combinations await you. Baba awards you with the satisfaction of winning and forbids your ambition from accepting defeat. It traps you in a simple, yet charming world. It’s a clever game. An addictive game. Leaving is defeat. Unmatched satisfaction. Baba is Me, Baba Is You.

Water is Hot,
Skull is Defeat
Hedge is Stop
and Baba is Neat

Hempuli Oy

The pseudonym of Arvi Teikari – a game designer from Helsinki who also dabbles in painting and illustration.