Black Horse Of Animation 2/3

competition set of animations
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Trigger warning! Work or event contains content that may be distressing to some people.

Soul For Sale

ISR 2018 11’
DIRECTED BY: Anna Belenkiy. Shira Salimi, Romy Granot
SCREENPLAY BY: Anna Belenkiy, Shira Salimi

Yula, who shares an apartment with her deranged, smothering mother, decides to leave home. Through a hole in the living room, she enters a world that only seemingly gives her a chance to realize her deepest dreams of living in wealth. But is the price for that too high?
Matylda Badera
Anna Belenkiy, Shira Salimi, Romy Granot
Graduates of the Sapir College School of Sound and Visual Arts specializing in classic animation and stop motion. Working together since 2017.


BEL 2018 3’
DIRECTED BY: Santiago Pérez Rodríguez
SCREENPLAY BY: Santiago Pérez Rodríguez
PRODUCTION BY: Santiago Pérez Rodríguez
An electrifying story of a dog and energy poles. The minimal form is set to the frequency where the industrial mixes with the body and turns into one. An audio-visual experience imitating the feeling of sticking a fork into a power socket.

Patryk Sławicki
Santiago Perez Rodríguez
Works in animation, street art and illustration. He studies in Belgium at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent.


FRA 2018 7’
DIRECTED BY: Élise Simoulin, Édouard Heutte, Clotilde Bonnotte, Anna Komaromi, Marisa Di Vora Peixoto, Helena Bastioni
SCREENPLAY BY: Élise Simoulin
PRODUCTION BY: Philippe Meis
A kitty with self-control issues. Big cat anger. A giraffe with a red guitar. An educational adventure in a cute world. Modern dance at the fireplace. And even though it looks childish, the message is universal.
Gaba Palicka
Élise Simoulin, Édouard Heutte, Clotilde Bonnotte, Anna Komaromi, Marisa Di Vora Peixoto, Helena Bastioni
Graduates of Supinfocom Rubika School in Valenciennes, France. The result of their cooperation is the short animation “Stuffed.”

Social Manual

دليل إستخدام القوالب البشرية
SAU 2018 3’
DIRECTED BY: Raghad Albarqi
SCREENPLAY BY: Raghad Albarqi
PRODUCTION BY: Raghad Albarqi
An elegant short feature portraying the social norms of Saudi Arabia. The form combines minimalist aesthetics of manuals and infographics with a monochromatic color range. The film certainly makes you think of how a Polish manual would look like.
Gaba Palicka
Raghad Albarqi
Recently graduated from The Visual and Digital program at Effat University; she creates original artwork that speaks of her region and the world.

What's Behind That Door?

FRA/HUN 2019 6’
DIRECTED BY: Nathan Harbonn Viaud
SCREENPLAY BY: Nathan Harbonn Viaud
PRODUCTION BY: Nathan Harbonn Viaud
A married couple lives in a stuffy apartment - it lacks doors and windows and thus, a chance to escape. Finally, they find the exit they never had. How will these new possibilities affect their relationship?
Jacek Wandzel
Nathan Harbonn Viaud
A French animator. In 2019, he graduated from the prestigious Gobelins. “What's Behind That Door?” is his debut work.


ISR 2018 4’
PRODUCTION BY: Department of Screen Based Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design
A Kafkaesque protagonist ponders his own existence. The minimal aesthetic and typographical hints let us peek inside his thoughts.
Magdalena Pasternak
Aya Gannot
A Japanese-German artist associated with the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. In animation, she appreciates experimentation and mixing graphic techniques.

Alef B'Tamuz

א' בתמוז
ISR 2018 6’
DIRECTED BY: Yael Reisfeld
SCREENPLAY BY: Yael Reisfeld
PRODUCTION BY: Department of Screen Based Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design
Three pilgrims are off to visit the Jewish cemetery in Safed. They don’t know it yet, but they’ll live through the weirdest night of their lives, possessed by 16th century spirits. Will this adventure end in a hangover?
Patrycja Lisnikowska
Yael Reisfeld
Animation graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, she works as an animator and editor in Tel-Aviv.


JPN 2019 5'
DIRECTED BY: Ryotaro Miyajima
SCREENPLAY BY: Ryotaro Miyajima
PRODUCTION BY: Sayaka Omodaka
A brush-painted animation in the style of traditional Japanese calligraphy. We have the Sengoku era - the age of civil wars decimating the country - yet even in such dramatic times there will be a moment to taste some tea with a cat at your side.
Magdalena Pasternak
Ryotaro Miyajima
Born in 1989 in Tokyo, he finished film school and is an animator. He works with ink and a brush, analogue style.

Out Of Bounds

ISR 2018 8'
DIRECTED BY: Yogev Sason
PRODUCTION BY: Roni Rainhartz
Somewhere between dream and reality, a boy struggles against fate. His anxieties turn into an imaginary, destructive monster, whose true nature he’s yet to learn. Only a journey deep into himself can answer his questions.
Patryk Sławicki
Yogev Sason
He graduated from Sapir College in Israel. His inspiration for “Out of Bounds” were his own experiences with ADHD.

Dürrenwaid 8

DEU 2018 7’
DIRECTED BY: Ines Christine Geißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer
SCREENPLAY BY: Ines ChristineGeißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer
PRODUCTION BY: kiin.animation
A house near a stream - a familiar sight, if wild. Memories of the past and future events yet to happen interfere with the present reality. Everything is tense, pulsating, shaking. Anticipation clashes with melancholy, triviality with the undiscovered.
Gaba Palicka
Ines Christine Geißer and Kirsten Carina Geißer are sisters, born and raised in the Franconian Forest, working together since 2009.

A degvil and a rascat

POL 2018 10’
DIRECTED BY: Weronika Szyma
SCREENPLAY BY: Weronika Szyma
PRODUCTION BY: Weronika Szyma

A cat with a suspicious mouth. A crouching dachshund. Nobody’s seeing this. A leisury, amusing picture of a rare phobia. Watching it, you’ll have a smile on your face - after the screening, you’ll perhaps ponder your own fears.

Gaba Palicka
Weronika Szyma
Second year animation student at the Łódź Film School. Fascinated primarily by analogue and classic animation. Also dabbles in photography, music and illustration.