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DEU 2019 4’
DIRECTED BY: Chechad Abdallah
PERFORMED BY: Modeselektor, Tommy Cash
In his new video for Modeselektor’s track, Chechad Abdallah explores the auto-destructive behaviors of a group of static characters. The unsettling appearance of Tommy Cash, who joins the Berliners as a vocalist, deepens the lyrics’ sinister vibe. Who said that life is not death?
Martyna Poważa
Chechad Abdallah
A member of a collective Chechad Abdallah creates not only music videos, but also ads for brands such as Audi, Asics and Adidas.

Guess There

USA 2018 3’
DIRECTED BY: Aleia Murawski, Samuel Copeland
“Guess There” is about a snail family! In their vid for Bully, Aleia Murawski and Samuel Copeland prove that even through intimate, minimalist means, you can create a fascinating, engaging music video story. We promise you that this video tale, accompanied by SubPop-branded riffs, won’t be a slow trudge!
Maciej Gryzełko
Aleia Murawski, Samuel Copeland
US-based visual artists. Both Aleia and Samuel have finalized various artistic projects alluding to ‘90s aesthetics. Aleia’s works were presented at New York’s MoMA, among other places.

Nag Champa

POL 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Sebastian Pańczyk
When a tired white boy goes to sleep, he dreams a son(ic) dream. He moseys about a neighborhood he knows well from before the sun’s down - but in the dreamscape, it is heavier, weirder and surrealistic. This is “Nag Champa” in Sebastian Pańczyk’s lens. A dreamlike picture you can barely wake up from.
Michał Banko
Sebastian Pańczyk
An experienced and award-winning video artist. Co-founder of Dobro studio. Acclaimed for his ad and music video creations. Winner of the Fryderyki, Yach and KTR awards.


USA 2018 6'
DIRECTED BY: Kelela, Mischa Notcutt
Kelela plays with textures recalling the memories of video games of the early 21st century. This ain’t nostalgia, this is a blast from the past reproduced in the style of blocky, sharp-edged graphic structures. WARNING: a highly replayable video.
Michał Banko
Kelela, Mischa Notcutt
Kelela - an American queer singer with two longplays to her name, experimenting with the contemporary stylings of pop. Mischa Notcutt - a freelancer, stylist and director, she previously worked with MIA during her MATANGI Tour.


RUS 2018 5’
DIRECTED BY: Shortparis
PERFORMED BY: Shortparis
“Friendship” and “love”, when written in Arabic, immediately make us think of terrorism. Especially in the ethnically and politically complicated South-Eastern Russia. Cinematography for the anti-Putin manifesto was interrupted by the massacre in Kerch.
Patryk Chromik
An electronic, post-punk boysband (sic!) from southern Siberia. They make their own music videos.


ESP 2018 3’
A spectacular explosion of color in the vid for “Malamente” is more than just eye candy. A seasoned observer will find allusions to Boticelli, contemplate the comparison between a romantic relationship and the corrida or be shook by the beautiful Spanish capirote.
Martyna Poważa
A Spanish artist-producer collective, responsible for ads for Coca-Cola and Miu Miu or Tame Impala’s music videos.

See Me Now

FRA 2018 3’
DIRECTED BY: Marion Castera
The vid’s authors hint that their work is “about a girl trapped in a man trapped in a dream.” Look for your own interpretative key in this music video, deftly crafted from editing tricks and cinematographic shots.
Maciej Gryzełko
Marion Castera
A Frenchwoman, born in 1988, placing her first (but bold) directorial steps. She creates short forms, mostly animations and music videos.


USA 2019 5’
DIRECTED BY: Kathleen Dycaico, Jill Ferraro
An audio-visual story about a romantic relationship, primarily fueled by the force of differences. The intense contrast pushes the viewer through 4 minutes of a dynamic, bold storyline straight to the finale, ending with a shot… right into the screen.
Michał Banko
Kathleen Dycaico, Jill Ferraro
Kathleen Dycaico - an artist and choreographer, mostly involved in producing installations; the theme of her works is the idea of dystopia. Jill Ferraro - a New York-based photographer and designer.

We've Got To Try

GBR 2019 5’
DIRECTED BY: Ninian Doffa
PERFORMED BY: Chemical Brothers
Do you remember the childhood story of the dog who rode trains? Or maybe you were moved by the tale of Laika, who was launched into outer space? Ninian Doff’s vid will charm you on many levels. His music video for the Chemical Brothers transforms the motif of “a heroic dog on a journey” into an absolute masterpiece.
Maciej Gryzełko
Ninian Doff
A Scotland-born Englishman of Dutch origin. He once worked in post-production. Currently, he directs music videos, short films and adverts, many of which received accolades. Recently, he also finished his feature debut “Boyz in the Wood.”

Just as Real

DEN 2019 6’
DIRECTED BY: Ida Andreasen
A beautifully filmed and animated story of the beginning and end of a very ambiguous relation. Both highschoolers are having equal fun, but we’ll never learn if they want the same thing.
Patryk Chromik
Ida Andreasen
She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark. A visual artist and director, author of acclaimed animations “A Jester” and “Related.”

Lonely Loving Me

UK 2019 4’
DIRECTED BY: Annie Hockeysmith, Lukasz Kucharski, Leah Rustomjee
PERFORMED BY: Hockeysmith
I bet you’re acquainted with polished found-footage, where every fragment fits perfectly with the next one and all are tied together through clockwork-precise editing. Hockeysmith wanted one like that. Didn’t happen. But what it lacks in budget and time, it makes up in humor.
Patryk Chromik
Annie Hockeysmith, Lukasz Kucharski, Leah Rustomjee
Annie is British and she’s doing splendidly in indie synthpop. With Łukasz’s help, she recorded her dancing. Leah edits documentaries and music videos.


CHE 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Nicolas Buttiker
Nicolas Buttiker’s vid is the erotic dance of man and his household appliances. After this one, you’ll never look the same at the electronic stuff in your kitchen. No time to waste...
Martyna Poważa
Nicolas Buttiker
Involved in film since 2017, Nicolas Buttiker works not just as a director, but also as an audio-video editor and sound technician at film sets.


SCO 4’ 2018
DIRECTED BY: Sophie, Aaron Chan, Nick Harwood
Sophie takes us on a shopping trip through a virtual mall, where we can buy an identity. In the video, we see the face of late capitalism, reflected in the post-internet consumptionist stylization which can cause an epileptic shock.
Michał Banko
Sophie, Aaron Chan, Nick Harwood
Sophie - a Scottish artist, producer, DJ and singer; besides her own tracks, she produced for artists such as Vince Staples, Flume or Madonna. Aaron Chan - a Canada-born filmmaker and artist exploring internet culture; his works were exhibited in the Tate Modern, Barbican Centre and MoMA PS1, among others. Nick Harwood - a Los Angeles-based music video and audio-visual artist who worked on vids for Kim Petras, Blood Orange and St. Vincent.

Fangs Out

FRA 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: William Laboury
Can submersion in VR remind us of a lucid, dark dream? William Laboury, the author of a dystopian music video for the French electro duo Agar Agar, tries to answer this question. Quoting the musicians, “Fangs Out” is like “an ambivalent journey, the excitement and anxiety which result from sometimes becoming someone else than you think you are.”
Maciej Gryzełko
William Laboury
A Paris-based graphic artist, film editor, director of shorts and music videos. Trivia time: Will edited the trailer for “The Wild Boys”, a Black Horse of Film nominee from 2018.

Sneaker Fairytale

POL 2018 4’
DIRECTED BY: Dawid Nickel
In the pines, in the pines, where the neons never shine, in the scorching shine of the Spring sun, a fairytale about a lost shoe is playing out. Did the two protagonists already find the thing they so desperately try to capture?
Martyna Poważa
Dawid Nickel
Born in 1988, based in Warsaw, he graduated from the Department of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia and the Wajda School in Warsaw. Currently working on his first feature, “Komers 2019.”